HSTRADE offers traders the opportunity to create key strategic partnerships.  By partnering with us, potential business partners are able to utilize a strategic supply chain system which has been in place. In a global market, it is the management of the supply chain that allows a product’s profitability to be sustained over time. The best supply chain management is flexible and allows competitive moves to be made in international markets, while reducing the reaction time to any change made.
We specialize in providing international trade services and solutions to:
•    Exporters/Sellers: As an export intermediary, our company acts as an export department, an exclusive distributor, a sales agent or representative for companies who are new to exporting or do not have their own export department, distributors or sales agents in unfamiliar foreign markets. Our company can become your sales representative or exclusive distributor for your international sales and connect you with prospective buyers whom are interested in your company’s products or services.
•    Importers/Buyers: As an import intermediary, our company frequently makes purchases directly from producers and manufacturers based on demand-driven supply chain model. We are always seeking the best terms for our clients. Our company will conduct market research and source qualified producers.